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Strip And Seal Services In Perth

Strip And Seal Services In Perth

Stripping and sealing your floors are an effective way of protecting the flooring by stripping away grime and worn flooring sealer and resealing them. In this process, the old floor sealer is removed by an abrasive pad or brush with the help of chemicals and emulsifiers. By hiringthese services frequently, it will most probably need only the top layer to be stripped. But if you have never done that before or doing it after a year or more, it may need more than the top layer to be stripped. We at GSB office cleaners provide reliable strip and seal services in Perth at a reasonable cost.

There are many advantages of using a floor sealer as they will protect and enhance the value of the flooring. As all the footfalls, materials being dragged through the floor, spills etc., lead to the wearing of the floors, thus, our reliable strip and seal services provided by our expert technicians will ensure to remove all dirt, dust and stain from the surfaces of the tiles.

Why Do You Need Strip And Seal Service?

Strip and seal services are necessary for your floors as:

  • As the old sealer is removed and a new one is added, it will provide more shine to the floors.
  • With time the shine and polish of the floors get dulled and make them look unattractive. Proper stripping and resealing them will help in making your flooring look as good as new.
  • It might be challenging to clean the deep-rooted dirt and stubborn stains resulting from regular footfalls, spills etc. So stripping and sealing them is a beneficial and easier way to clean these stubborn stains and dirt.
  • It is one of the effective ways of maintaining the flooring of your property.
  • If the flooring is maintained correctly by this method, it will make the floor long-lasting with better durability.
  • This method will also ensure that there are not many visible marks, stains or scratches.
  • This is an effective technique of creating a protective layer against bacteria, grime and abrasion.
  • When Do You Need A Strip And Seal Service?

Strip and seal service is beneficial in providing protection to your flooring and in the removal of long deposited grime and stains. You may need a strip and seal service if you notice the colour of the tiles fading or when you find the finishing is getting damaged. In case you have tried regular cleaning and moping, but these methods are not effective on your floor, or if even recoating them does not provide the desired result, then you might go for these services.

Why Should You Choose Us For Strip And Seal Service?

We at GSB Office Cleaners have a team of expert technicians who have years of experience in this field, and thus will ensure that you have a safe and reliable strip and seal service in Perth. They are IICRC-certified and vetted, so you may easily rely on them. We provide affordable cost and reliable services using industry-grade equipment and top-quality product. We have been in this industry for many years and thus, know about the cleaning dos and don’ts, so we will be able to provide an efficient and trusted service and use any product only after testing their suitability on your floors.

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