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Common Area Cleaning Perth

Keeping the common areas clean is crucial to creating an excellent first impression for your clients and newcomers. However, the problem is, as they are being used by all, they are more susceptible to getting dirty and collecting dust. These areas are the places where people go to get entertained or relax after a tiring day. Thus it is essential to keep these places cleaned for the mental and physical well-being of the people. Therefore, we at GSB Office Cleaners provide the most reliable services for common area cleaning in Perth.

However, it is not possible to clean them all by yourself. So here is where we at GSB Office Cleaners come to your aid. We provide efficient services for common area cleaning in Perth, and we provide professional and experienced staffs that will make your place look sparkling and neat. So to get the best for your property, you can always rely on GSB Office Cleaners.

Common Area Cleaning Type

We can provide regular or one-off cleanings for the common area depending upon your requirement. For regular ones, we will offer cleaning services on a regular interval like daily, weekly, fortnightly or as chosen by you. For one-off services, you can call us whenever you need them. Our cleaners will bring industry-grade equipment and products to deep-clean the area.

Common Areas That We Will Clean

We will focus on all common areas such as:

1. Lobby- The lobby is among the most commonly used areas, so they need to be kept clean to welcome guests and employees. We will mop the floors and vacuum the rugs, carpets, and furniture. We will clean windows, doors and glass surfaces. We will empty the dustbin and clean decorative items, plants and light fixtures.

2. Hallways- Just like the lobby, these are also one of the most important areas. We will clean and vacuum the carpets, remove spots from walls, and do dusting of light fixtures.

3. Elevators- These are one of the most commonly used spaces, as people always use them and hence, they need to be cleaned. We will be cleaning the floors of the elevator and the buttons. We will also sanitise the buttons, handles (if any) and the space.

4. Kitchen and Lunchroom- Since this is the place where people cook and eat, it is crucial that they don’t look dirty. Therefore, we will disinfect and clean countertops, tables and floors. We will empty the dustbin, dispose of the trash, and clean appliances like ovens and grills.

5. Bathrooms- Cleaned bathrooms are totally essential for all, and therefore we take special care of this area. We will be cleaning the floors, mirrors, toilets and sinks. We will wipe countertops, remove the garbage, sanitise the bathrooms, soap dispensers, door handles, faucets etc.

6. Conference room- Here is where all the brainstorming happens, and visitors are welcomed. And therefore, it is crucial to keep it sparkling and tidy. We will vacuum and clean the floors, and we will also be cleaning surfaces, mirrors, windows and doors. We will do the dusting of all electrical appliances, keyboards, mouse, and monitors, as well as empty the dustbin. We will be sanitising doorknobs, monitors, and other commonly touched surfaces.

We at GSB Office Cleaners will provide you with all customised packages so that you may choose a service according to your requirement. You can add some and remove others as per your need, and our experienced and vetted cleaners will ensure the most efficient services for common area cleaning in Perth.

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